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I love this cheese board, I had it displayed while having guest over and I received a couple of compliments on it. The is size perfect, It's big enough to fit all the stuff that I want on it, but still sleek enough to put sideways on the shelf alongside my other cutting boards. The wood is very well made with a nice elegant finish and easy to clean. 

Nicole J

These wool balls are great. If there is any static on clothing coming out of the dryer, it takes one shake and it's gone. I put 5-6 drops of essential oil on them occasionally, too. They leave my clothes soft and wrinkle-free. The only cons are they can be a bit loud clunking around in the dryer, but that tunes out pretty fast. I always count them taking them out because sometimes they can get stuck somewhere in the clothes. It's fun to figure out where the missing one might be.

Linda Sue

I love this Squeegee. It works great with solutions of Windex of other window cleaners and requires less time and effort when cleaning. When used properly, this handy tool will save you half the time it takes to clean the window by hand.

Roissy D